Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Story

I have a friend in town this weekend.  We have been having all sorts of fun taking pictures of our different activities and I thought they would be perfect for a blog post.  Unfortunately, I realized that I am a little behind on my blog.  And though I'm never going to catch everything up, I thought I would start with my one BIG event. . .

I'd say it all started in August of 2011, even though it's hard to give an exact "starting" day.   I decided to create a team on a bowing league.   I sent out a mass text to all my Las Vegas friends, inviting them to join my team.  Seconds after sending it out, I was browsing through my phone list for anyone I might have possibly missed, and I stumbled upon BJ Norton's name.  So, I sporadically sent out my final- solo- invite.

Though he wasn't the the first to get invited, he was the first to respond, and the first to officially join Team Incredibowls.  BJ was actually my old college roommate Randi's older brother.  We had definitely met and seen each other here and there over the years of knowing Randi.  When I moved to Vegas I saw him a couple of times, and he helped me move a few times too.  But we had never actually just hung out consistently. . . until bowling league started that is.

So by September we were hanging out weekly (with team Incredibowls of course)!
By mid December he had definitely become one of my top texting buddies.
And by the first of January, we officially started dating.  

Besides a few random trips out of town, both mine and his, (at first it seemed that one of us was always out of town.  Never at the same time though.  Fancy how that works!), we were always together.  But with a 35 minute commute between our two houses (we didn't exactly live close to each other), that started to get pretty old, pretty fast.  So almost 6 months to the day of our first "date," BJ proposed to me in St. George, Utah,

Of course I will always remember June 30 as a very happy day. . . but we probably could not have been on a worse time schedule than that.  My vacations revolve around summer break, winter break, and spring break.  Throwing together a wedding at the beginning of the school year was just not going to work for me.  So the question of when this whole ceremonious occasion would all take place was kind of a dilemma.  Bj wanted a wedding "as soon as possible," yet I couldn't convince him to just take me to the little white chapel somewhere in the city.  I didn't want to start my new school year, get married, and move all in the months of September or October, and neither of us wanted to wait until Christmas break.  So a little backyard wedding was planned for August 18 at my parent's house.  This would give my family 7 weeks to plan a wedding, and me 7 weeks to pack and move my house.

And that's just what happened!
My mom and sisters did an amazing job planning everything.  I did my best to squeeze all our stuff into one little house without too much complaint.  And our 7 week engagement was pulled off with complete success!  

The wedding was perfect!

We were happy

And our families were amazing with it all!

And life one month later has been just as perfect!

. . . Besides the broken air conditioner.
. . . And the mess with the HOA getting Doogle a permanent gate at the new house.
. . . And having to replace the carpet in the other house . .

Ok. . . Maybe not perfect.  But close enough!