Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight Craze

This past weekend was the big time Com Con event that happens in San Diego every year. Though the tickets have been sold out for a while I guess, Bonnie's bosses daughter stumbled across some tickets for a screening of the movie twilight where the actual cast would be there to introduce the movie! We decided that this of course is a once in a life time opportunity so we jumped on it!

The night before the big event, Bonnie and I were up til the wee hours of the morning making our shirts that were sure to impress all our famous friends.

Then on Thursday afternoon we headed down to San Diego. Upon arriving and finally finding parking, we eventually joined the longest line I have probably ever seen in my life! We already had tickets, which guaranteed entrance, so we were not worried. . . and braced ourselves for a couple of hours of entertaining ourselves with four obnoxious little children.
We found food to eat, met the Fandango bag, snuck into fancy hotels to use the restroom, and got interviewed for the special features that will be later found on the New Moon DVD (so watch for us)! Overall the kids were really good and we survived a three hour? wait in line!

Once in the theatre we got second row seats and waited with anticipation! Unfortunately by the time we got in, rumors were flying that many of the main people had already left. We were a little bummed about that, but it was still an exciting adventure and we did still see some of the cast.

I was a HUGE fan of the Twilight books, but I will admit that the movie did disappoint me some. Therefore, I have not actually watched the movie since it came back way back in December. So after the cast talked and I took pictures, I had to call Bonnie over to find out which of the cast we had just seen. . . hey! Its hard to recognize people from a movie you have only seen once!

I don't know what their real names are, but we saw the mom and pops vampires, and the two friends from school-- the boy that liked Bella at first and then the girl Jessica who liked the boy. . . yeah. . . those four were there. . . we heard that we had actually walked by the girl that plays Alice in the movie while walking into the theatre, but I of all people would not recognize her! Can't speak for Bonnie however who claims that she is her favorite. . . so I don't know how she missed it!

The above picture is one of Bonnie that I took while she is watching the cast. She claimed to be disappointed with who showed up. . . but that face definitely does not show disappointment to me!

After they talked to us for maybe 10-15 minutes? They left- along with over half the people in the audience. The ticket sales were obviously for the meet the cast, not the actual showing of a movie that has already been out for months- so that made lots of room to get better movie viewing seats, and I then viewed Twilight for the second time ever. I am still not oober impressed with the movie, but it was fun watching it after having just seen some of the people in real life.

Then I gave my BF Edward a little kiss goodbye and we were out of there! It was a long night, but a fun little adventure!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Utah Fun

A few weeks ago, my friend Kellie from Utah sent out a group invite about a river rafting trip she was putting together. I don't know if she invited me just to invite me because she seemed pretty shocked when I said that I would love to drive up there and go with them. It sounded like a fun, new adventure that I have never tried before and I haven't seen my Utah friends for a few months so it seemed like good timing for a trip up north.

On Wednesday afternoon I headed up to LV for the night just to split the trip up a little, and then on Thursday I completed my drive just in time for dinner! So a group of us headed over to one of our favorites, Brick Oven! It was delicious as always and we had lots of time for some girl chat. A few of our other "couple" friends could not come so Mike ended up being the only guy there, but he was a good sport about it and didn't complain too much about a three hour dinner with the girls (at least not to us anyway!)

On Friday about noon we met up at BYU Outdoors Unlimited, they were the ones putting on this trip. They loaded our total group of about twenty people into two huge vans and we headed down to Green River which was approximately three hours away. Upon arrival, we set up our little camp and then went swimming in the river because it was so freakishly hot down there. I thought swimming in the water meant "playing around in the river" but that was indeed not it. Where we were camping on the river was some pretty decent little rapids (as far as swimming is concerned) so we did almost a little obstacle type course thing where we jumped in and paddled as quickly as our little arms would take up and the water kind of guided us to a rock. We climbed the rock then jumped off to a different rock which required even harder paddling to get there and a little more strength to actually climb up onto the rock. After that we jumped off rock number two and swam into the current which took us a ways down stream before we once again had to paddle and swim swim swim once again in order to break the current and get back to the shore. The first time through was a little scary, but after that we really got the hang of it and the water felt so great considering how hot it was outside.

That night the guides cooked us a yummy dinner and dessert and we all just kind of sat around getting eaten by bugs. The different groups of people in the group didn't really mingle too much, so our little group of six attempted to play some cards and just kind of chatted and ate until we got fed up of the bugs and the heat and just decided to go to bed. The next morning after a yummy breakfast, we packed the whole site back up and boarded the vans to go further up the river to begin our rafting trip. Before that, I yanked my group aside and attempted to get a few kodak moments.
The place we camped was called Stone House because, well, that's what was there! So we went and explored the house a little bit. We also got the privilege of having a "toilet" located near our camp site which was exactly just that. Because the toilet has no door, the guides had a very convenient system in place where a life jacket it hung up on the outside and when going into the toilet, you were to grab it, that way, if the jacket was gone, you would know someone was there. Get it?? Afterwards, you hung it back up. Seemed like a decent system except for the minor fact that the toilet was located right on the road of the river and was conveniently labeled for people who might need just that. Therefore after we saw a random man pull over and walk into the toilet not knowing the "life jacket rule" we immediately fell back to the buddy system method instead, which worked wonders because now we didn't have to actually pick up the life jacket which was now probably holding who knows what kinds of bathroom germs!

When we got to the top of the river, we unloaded, then began the task of getting our rafts filled with air. It didn't take too long with lots of helpers though and then it was time to get on the water. They had two big rafts and six small two people rafts called "duckies." our group of six split into three different duckies for the first run down the river. Randi and I literally got a "rocky start" when the current immediately pulled us into a group of rocks where we basically got lodged. Luckily a guide behind us was able to come to our rescue! After that, the trip was good. We would float down the river, when there was a slow current we were able to jump into the water to cool off a bit, or we got in a few pretty good water fights with so many paddles available to everyone. Then we would hit rapidy parts of the river where we would just enjoy the ride. After going down the river for probably an hour, we got out, loaded the boats onto a big trailer, and piled us into a van to take us back to the top to do it all over again. The second time around we experienced the river in the bigger group raft. Not nearly as quick of a ride, but the other people ganged up on our raft (a group of girls- go figure) and ended up working together and flipping our raft! We held on strong for a while, but they just wouldn't let up!

After our few times down the river, we loaded up and headed out back to Provo. We first stopped at a little park to eat some lunch then were back on the road! We hadn't actually scheduled for someone to pick us up at the end of our trip so we ended up walking back to Kellie's house. We probably looked a bit silly carrying tents and sleeping bags down the road, but we did get some pity when a boy invited us into the ice cream shop for some free samples. . . yum!

We got back to Kellie's, took some well needed showers, then Jenae and Mike came back over to go get some ice cream (from the BYU Creamery who has the BEST ice cream- Earnestly Chocolate is the BEST! and some chocolate milk for Shawna. .. yum!)

After that we played one of our favorite games EVER "It Came to Pass." Back in our BYU days we would stay up for hours on end playing this game. . . so it was a fun little reunion playing it again. Below is a picture of Mike and Jenae in one of the famous "Secret Combinations!"

Like all my trips usually are, it was short, it was sweet, but I am glad that I have the summers off that gives me time to try some new things. I had a lot of fun, saw lots of people (both in Utah and LV) and had a good weekend away. Can't wait for what other fun adventures will await this summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's birthday was actually way back in the middle of May, but for her birthday I bought her tickets to see the show Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas. I thought it would be a fun little trip just her and I could take in the middle of the summer just to get away for a night, so that is what we did this past weekend! We drove up to LV on Saturday morning, did some shopping, ate some dinner, then saw our show. It's a very impressive show they do there and I think we both really enjoyed it (though it was kind of late and we were both kind of sleepy!) The night for our show happen to be very good timing because it turns out that a friend of mine is leaving on a mission and his farewell at church was the next morning. So we hit that Sunday morning then drove home in the afternoon. It was a very quick trip. . . but it was fun to spend some quality time with just me and mom. So. . . Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Last Few Weeks in a Glance!

Summer has definitely been keeping us all very busy. We have found all sorts of fun stuff to do. And I have been MUCH better at capturing some of the moments. . .

We go to Legoland once a week. Bonnie and a few friends joined us one day to make our trip just a little extra special!

Our Legoland passes also got us into the waterpark for free one day! Lots of swimming for the kids, nice tanning day for Shawna. . .

Chuck E Cheese's with some friends!

Besides going out and finding fun places to play, we have found some entertainment at home as well. . .

Piano lessons have officially begun!

Homemade pizzas, caramel popcorn, and rubber bracelets!

Fun toys to put together. . .

Finding interesting things in the attic to play with. . .

And lots of swimming and playing outside!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Celebration

Happy 4th of July! (Just a few days late)
Every year around Christmas, all the family that lives here in California (on mom's side) get together for a big family party. This year, she decided that it would be fun to do a big family party during the summertime as well, and what made it even better was that even more of the family was down here from Idaho too! It made for a busy few days with lots and lots of family. Because of work, I have not been able to make it to the family Christmas party for several years, and being that it is the only time some of us really ever get together, there were lots of people there that I haven't seen in years, as well as several of the newest members of the family that I got to meet for the first time. Though there are many many kids in a broad age range, they got along those two days amazingly well and we had a fantastic time!

Every year our city puts on a little firework show at a park across town. We are not the type to deal with the traffic and parking and the mess of people, so rather we decided to walk down the street a ways where we would be able to see the fireworks from semi close to home. We first parked it on a nice grassy little knoll on the corner of the street but once the fireworks began, we realized that it wasn't a great view, so we crossed the street and sat on the cement corner to view. Turns out, the actual best view was from the middle of the street, so on occasion we would press the button to stop traffic just to walk across the street (and for a little entertainment as well, turns out the further you are from the actual fireworks, the less interesting they really are to watch!) Cayden claims that this was "the worst view of the fireworks in the WHOLE world!" but we ended up having a fun tie and just enjoyed each other's company and the spirit of the holiday. The kids sang patriotic songs as we stood on the corner of this street and frankly we all probably looked a little foolish, but it was a great end the a couple of fun filled days!