Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Day Off!

Today was Veteran's Day, and even though it is a Wednesday, we still had the day off of school. A little weird being in the middle of the week like that. . . but none the less- great! I slept in, and went out to breakfast. . . two fantastic "day off" things to do. I was at my friend Nephi's work later in the day when I heard a lovely sound that I feel like I haven't heard in ages- the ice cream man! Nephi let out an impressively loud whistle and here he came pulling right on up in the driveway. But this icecream man was different than our home ice cream man-- this icecream man served a variety of soft serve ice cream treats: dipcones, sprinkled dip cones, banana splits, and milk shakes. Instead of driving around with a cooler full of popsicles he was driving around with just an ice cream machine and a bunch of toppings! So we got some sprinkled dip cones to enjoy on this lovely fall day.

In Nephi's giant warehouse he has this long robe that hangs from the ceiling to almost the ground... I have no idea what it's original use was, but right now it basically just sits there. After trying to unsuccessfully climb it a few times, I decided that this rope would make an awesome indoor swing. . . just a thought of course!
So then we went out and did some stuff basically all day then went back to his office hours later. I went in the office and chatted on the phone with my sister for a few minutes, and after a while when Nephi did not join me inside, I went out to the warehouse to see what he was up to. . . and there I found that he had just finished making me my new swing!

We hit the store after that where I had a fun Shawna freak out moment when I realized that it was the end of the day, and I had done NOTHING productive. Didn't get my shopping done, nor did I touch a thing to grade. But I cooled off some (after being fed dinner of course) because I think it was a most excellent day and the fact that I did no work whatsoever, didn't even think about it, was probably one of the main reasons it was such a good day. Though my last few weekends have been fantastic (Indiana one weekend, home to Cali the following), I still feel like I was going, going, going. . . I even had two days off last week when I came down with strep throat but still did not do a ton of sitting around -- so even though sitting around was far from what I did today. . . it was still a well earned non stressful, non accomplishing day either, which frankly is good every once in a while. And now. . . I only have two days of work til the real weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Better Late than Never. . .

Halloween and Nevada day are both on October 31st. Since kids always have Nevada Day off, and because it fell on Saturday this year, we were out for Friday as well . . . yay! So I decided to catch the Thursday night red eye flight to Indy for the weekend. I had a layover at some point and ended up in Indianapolis at about 8 in the morning. Molly and the boys greeted me at the airport and off to their house for the day we went. I decided that instead of fighting sleep all day and night, I should just catch a nap that day, and hopefully catch up on sleep a bit so I wouldn't be totally out of it for the rest of the weekend. So I pretty much slept through work Friday and had a pretty mellow night and off to an early bed we went. Then on Saturday morning, Molly and I went for a nice run outside, while Bryan hit the gym. We are in the midst of preparing for our first full marathon which occurs in less than a month, but with my knee problems, and the fact that I have been sick all month. . . I was only able to make it about four miles. . . geesh. . . I don't know what we are going to do!
Molly was nice to me anyway though and we went back to her house to discover no hot water--agh! When Bryan came home, the two of them attempted several times to fix it, but finally had to call the place because we were having no luck! Unfortunately, they do not consider no hot water in cold winter weather and emergency and said they couldn't come by to fix it til Monday. So Molly and I decided to immediately start boiling water so that we could mix it with cold water to make semi warm water to at least wash our hair in. Then we could take real real quick cold showers to do the rest of the washing.
So we got that all taken care of, got ready for the day, did some shopping, and made it back to the house for our Saturday night, Halloween festivities, which included Jack-O-Lantern pizza and decorating our haunted house. Both events turned out spectacular and we had a lovely Halloween- with only one trick or treater (so sad!)

Bryan told us that after we dyed our hair orange, we were not allowed to go to bed without washing it because he didn't want it all over the pillows and couches and stuff (which it had already started doing) so we went through the whole boiling water thing once again. Such a pain, but we definitely got better at it.
Overall, we had a fun weekend together. It's nice to just get away on occasion and visit with Molly and Bryan. Thanks guys for my Happy Halloween! :)