Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training Trouble

We are having trouble in the potty training department here in Doogleland. So I bought this handy dandy little playpen that will hopefully do the trick! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

No worries. . .there is a method to this apparent madness!

Oh yes. . . and the pups got a pretty fatty haircut the other day. . . cute huh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Doogle House

Dad made Doogle a dog house. Actually. . . dad made Dayzee a cat house. . . who unfortunately died just a few months later. Fortunately. . . no one had painted it or done anything with it, so basically I had a brand new Doogle House. Painted it myself. . . even cut out the wooden bone too (with the help of mom and pops of course!)

Sadly, the Doogle house was too big to fit into my car. So while Doogle resides in Las Vegas, his cute little home remains in California.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Forever a California Girl

Crazy weekend!
I left the freezing cold weather of Indiana on Saturday and flew into San Diego. Which place would you rather be right now??

Why I live in Vegas

Because my track break falls right after the Christmas break, I found myself with two extra weeks of vacation while everyone else went back to work and school. I hadn't been to Indiana in about two months so I thought why not hang out over there a few days? Bryan is in and out of town so Molly would have someone to hang out with and a she has a job that I can easily tag along with. Mom ever so kindly volunteered to take care of Doogle for me (something I think she will never volunteer again!) and on Monday morning I was off!
The trip was just like most other Indiana vacations. . . except this time it was a lot colder!!

On Friday, the last day of work for the week, we were sitting around talking to Molly's boss in her living room that faced a huge open window. . . when she asked me why I don't just live here??
Take a look out the window . . That's why!

It was a fun week, but a very cold week as well. The few days Bryan was in town I was continuously mocked for complaining so much about the cold . . but boy it sure was! I'll be sure to plan my next trip accordingly. . . I don't think I will ever be visiting again in the dead of winter. Sorry guys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Bye 2009!

Our New Year's this year looked surprisingly a lot like last year. . . only difference is that the group grew by a few.
We started our festivities around 3 oclock where Bonnie and her kids, Sarah and her family, Molly, Bryan, James, and I all trekked it down to Legoland for the second year in a row. We knew it was going to be a splendidly good night when we pulled into an almost completely full parking lot, yet randomly found not only one of the front row designated Volvo parking spots (I think Bon might have bought her Volvo practically for the sole purpose of Legoland Volvo parking) but the FIRST spot closest to the park was open. . . amazing! So as we are spilling out of the car a random lady comes up to us asking us if we needed a ticket because she had special free admission tickets for people in Volvo parking. Since Bonnie, Aubs, Cayd, and I all have Legoland passes, we still had two free tickets that came with those for Molly and Bryan, and now we got a free one for James so we all got in free. . . yippee!

We fought the crowds and got on a few rides, then hit miniland to stake a claim at a good spot so that we weren't stuck behind a building for the fireworks like we unfortunately had to do last year. But it was still a bit of time before 6 o'clock (Legoland new years) so Molly and I snuck away to get some snacks for the group. We ran out of popcorn just a few minutes before the show, so by myself I headed out to score our free refill (which turns out is no longer free these days! :( and ended up getting separated from the group by the time the fireworks started. The crowds were so humongous that I gave up finding my way back and enjoyed the show (and the popcorn!) on my own.

We all ended up meeting up afterwards to wait for the crowds to die down a bit before hitting the parking lot. It was then that we got several kodak moments with the the all kinds of goodies the kids got from the park.

After the park, the group hit Pat and Oscar's for a very scrumptious dinner. We had a big room outside basically all to ourselves where we were able to position tables together and allow the rambunctious children to run around.

Then the Kelly's (as well as Jamie) headed back to mom and dad's to play a bit of wii until the real happy new year occurred. Unfortunately, Bonnie got a little sleepy (and with that comes some crabiness (sorry Bon) and she was left out of all our fun new years pictures. At midnight the rest of us ran outside, sprayed our silly string, and were still in bed by 12:15 am. It was a pretty long day and we were all beat!

Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010... hope it's great for everyone! Good luck with those resolutions!!