Monday, May 26, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

So every year, for our big end of the year hoor-ah, my second graders get the chance to earn an ice cream party.  Come the big day though, they realize that I forgot to tell them one important thing. . . I'm not going to just hand over the ice cream, they have to MAKE it!  We put all the ingredients in a little baggie, put the little baggie in a big baggie, then we fill that baggie with lots of ice and salt, put on our little winter mittens, and create away!  This year however, I came across a new issue. . . my little Madison is allergic to milk.  So over this weekend Randi and I attempted the impossible, homeade ice cream out of soy milk!  (Ok, so it really wasnt that difficult and really doesnt have much difference than the other icecream, but we needed an excuse to "practice" it).  So wa la. . . homemade soy milk ice cream!  Quite delectable I must admit.  Especially with yummy chocolate chips!  

And now my pal Randi's picture has officially made it to my blog page.  It's a serious friend "commitment" to make it to one's blog, but she did prep 23 bags of ice cream for me today. . . so I figure she deserves it!  Thanks Randi!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Packing up. . .

So next week is my last week of school until summer break- wahoo!  I am way excited except for the fact that there is SO much to do before that time comes!  I stayed at work tonight until 7:0 pm- yeah, I know, Sick!  But I had to do it because I am starting to run out of options.  I quit my job so I have to pack up my whole classroom and take it somewhere.  Where to you ask?  As of now there is really no where to go except to mom and dad's house down in California.  I can't fit all my junk in my tiny little apartment!  I am not really sure mom and dad knew what they were getting into when they agreed to store it at there house though either.  So I am at work tonight wondering how in the world I am ever going to get all this stuff down to California using my little tiny car anyway?  So I called up good ole mom and I think I might have possibly roped her into coming up here next week to help me move!  That would be so superb!  And- I even convinced her that doing this would be FUN!  Bwah ha ha- I am so evil!  But seriously I feel like I am in quite the bind.  Below are pictures of probably a little over half the stuff I need to take with me, and my little tiny car.  What do you think?


So I got a lot of stuff done, then it was time to pack up "Sushi" our class fish, to bring him home with me.  I got Sushi two years ago for quite the silly reason.  I had very recently broken up with a boy who I was quite fond of and decided to return home to California for the remainder of the summer, rather than staying in Utah.  So I get home late one night after quite a lengthy drive and my mom told me the news that my niece's pet fish had died and she was so sad about it that she didn't want a new one.  I guess I made a comment about how it would be fun to have a pet fish (I am not sure why I actually made that comment, because honestly, its a fish).  Anywhoo- mom jumped on that and the next morning, first thing after waking up, she took me to the pet shop to buy me a fish.  It was rather odd I must say.  But mom did what she could to fill up that void in my heart.  Even if it was with a little fish.  
I put him in the counter area of my bathroom here at my apartment.  I am not really sure why.  Fish like water, so they must like bathrooms.  I have a rather large bathroom to myself and I thought that he would like it in there.  Maybe I will talk to him while I get ready in the mornings.  Surprisingly enough, the kids at school mostly ignore little Sushi, so he must be rather lonely.  Even though I did read a little "fun fact" that said goldfish have a memory span of 30 seconds.  I mean, honestly, I know we live in the time of technology, but how in the world do people figure out the memory span of a fish??

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time to Organize my Life!

So I went to church today and our very last speaker talked about budgeting.  Ok  . . . so he wasn't the most interesting person in the world to listen to. . . but that is definitely my type of talk.  My roommate kind of grumbled about the topic and I didn't exactly pipe up that I thoroughly enjoy stuff like that (Now you know Becky!).  I wouldn't necessarily call myself an organized person, but I really really attempt to be.  I have my budgeting notebook, and my "what I ate today" notebook and countless little tiny notebooks that I buy when I am in one of my inspirational "orginizational" moods.  So of course the talk today inspired me to come home and look at my little monthly budget all over again.  I need to really be better with my money because yesterday me and Randi went shopping for our "Las Vegas" furniture.  It was way fun- but even going to cheap Ikea will cost me a little extra money that I don't exactly have these days.  I feel like I have been so good these last few months.  Ok- so I definitely like to spend, and often find myself buying things or paying for things that I really don't need, but I have been really good about putting money into savings each month.  I can do better, but it has really been a great start for me.  But this summer is going to be pricier than I have been really thinking and it is dawning on me that I will not exactly be ready for it.  I am quite proud of how "adult" I have been being this last year and I really don't want to have to go to my parents begging to help me.  I like being independent.  I think I kind of thrive on it.  And it has made me so happy knowing that I had my graduate program classes this summer and I actually had the money to pay for the tuition by myself.  But reality was really put into perspective last night and I am attempting to turn over a new leaf and be better at not going out so much (It had to start today cuz last night after Ikea we hit Sweet Tomatoes!  I LOVE that place it was sooo good!)  So anywhoo- I am going to find new ways to entertain myself rather than going to eat (cuz face it, that's where most of my money ends up- sad I know.  Or the occasional sporadic clothes shopping trips-whoops!)  So I will be finding myself blogging much more often.  Who knows though- maybe one day I will get to my gynormous project I have been meaning to get to this whole school year!  I was going to on Saturday, but the weather was so great- I went swimming instead!  It was great!  I love the sun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay For Moving!

This summer, me and my pal Randi are packing up and moving to Las Vegas.  Do either of us know exactly what we are going to do with our lives upon arrival?  No- but that doesn't seem to be the least bit of our concern right now.  Rumors at work are flying though about this not so recent, life changing decision I have made.  It has to be for a guy (cuz I guess that's what life for a girl my age is supposed to revolve around huh?) or because I want more money, or is it really because I hate the snow??  I never came to Provo, UT with any intentions of staying for the rest of my life.  I came here to go to school, and I did that.  It's time I leave my college life behind.  It's not like I have really been living the "college" life these last few years.  I go to bed at a regular, decent, consistant time each night.  And for the most part, my life has really settled down.  But in a way, I still live the BYU single life.  I am really excited to move away and to become a "real" adult.  I am 25 years old, its just about time I do.  Here is my list of reasons  I will NOT miss my current "college life." 

*Cleaning Checks (Serious?)
*Other people's dishes  (Where in the world did the silverwear come from?!)
*New random roomates (I have been pretty lucky, but who knows what to expect)
*Singles Ward semesterly turnover (It's just not normal)
*Curfew (Don't dare to park anywhere but your own apt. after it or your car will be booted)

That's it for now.  If you can think of anymore. . . let me know!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hmmmm. . . .

Apparently when I have a lot of stuff to do, I randomly find other "more important" things to do instead.  So rather than working on my gynormous project due at the end of the month, (eek. . . it's already May 14th!)  I created a blog.  Haha. . . I am so weird.  It's already 9:30 at night. That used to be way early for me, oddly enough though it now doesn't seem so early anymore.  So here I am with a hundred things I could, or rather should be doing at this moment, but I find myself not.  I have exactly two weeks of work left (tomorrow) until summer vacation when I will start five weeks of classes right after that.  Yay for summer.  Enrolling in school again was something I never imagined myself doing so soon after graduation, but was somehow talked into it.  All I can say is that come July 4th, life will be bliss. . . until then though-  I will try to just keep on smiling.  :)