Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's about time

Every time something happens to my car (which is quite regularly) I swear that it is the final straw and I am going to get a new one.

Then I don't.

And a few months later, something else breaks. And I swear I am going to go get a new car.

Then I don't.

And a few weeks later something else breaks. And I swear I am going to go get a new car.

Then I don't.

And a few weeks after that, it happens yet again. . .

and this time- I did!!

It's a Honda CR-V. I showed up to the car place "just to look" because I really had no idea what I wanted.

and looking turned to buying. . .

Good bye little blue bug!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oldie but goodie. . .

I was browsing through some of my pictures and came across this one. . .

a few months ago I was kind of dating a guy. One night in random conversation he told me that it was surprising that we were dating. Afterall, I wasn't really his "type."

My next question of course being what exactly his type was. . . in which he responded

"I usually date brown haired athletic girls."

. . . I should have known from that point on that I was probably better off without him.

(and if you couldn't figure it out. . . I'm the brown haired girl on the left)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More specific huh?

60 minutes. . . think you can endure anything huh? Not so easy. . .

Several people have asked me to be more specific on what each workout consists of. Though I will not keep you informed everyday. . . I will give you a few examples of some of the classes I have attended. Keep in mind. . . some of it may not sound so tough- but its just one of those situations that you cannot fully comprehend until you are there. So you'll have to believe me when I say- it's tough!

Each day, we start with a mile run around the park. So on day one, upon finishing my mile, I was partnered up with a girl and we basically had to lift this long plastic pipe filled with rocks or sand (or something insanely heavy) back and forth over our heads from shoulder to shoulder. Then we had to hold it over our heads for seconds/minutes at a time. Then we (finally) got to drop the pipe and were down on our bellies for 10 push ups then onto our backs for 15 sit ups (yes- sit ups, NOT crunchies). Not too tragic huh? Till we repeat that set 15 times. . . yes 15 TIMES! Then we circled up and did a variety of ab exercises while he pulled a few people in at a time to lay on the ground and bench press a good ole bootcamp style log. Yup. . . I bench pressed a log.

Day 2 was cardio. We ran our mile, and then upon finishing, had to turn around and run back to find the last person, before getting to turn around and go back. When I got back, he had us in a circle doing jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, etc etc. While we are doing that, he is explaining a 5 pt course where we would run sprint, then bear crawl, then sprint, then run backwards, then sprint from cone to cone to cone. Then you repeat. So we go right from our circle to doing that several times. I'm not good with distances, but the other end of the park is maybe the length of a football field?? So randomly he'd say- "sprint to the cement path!- and hurry!" (by that time nobody is really sprinting- but that's ok). Then you would come back and go right back into that 5 pt circuit. Then we lined up to do some sprinting, crab walk, and wheelbarrow relays. We did some suicides (basically more sprints) and randomly he would just say "sprint to the cement path- and hurry!" And off we'd go. (That happened probably 4 times throughout the workout).

The leg day was seriously the worst. We ran our mile and when we returned he had tires sitting out waiting for us. Picked up a tire and were told to hold it over our heads to do 150 squats. Yes- our warm up was 150 squats! When that was finished, you got to put the tire down, but did lunges until everyone else was finished. Then we circled up and did (2) squats, then some kind of minute long leg exercise then we did (4) squats, then some kind of minute long exercise. We continued that pattern til we were doing (36) then (38) then (40) squats. Then we were frog leaping up a hill doing a squat in between each leap and at the top of the hill we had to sit against the fence (no chair of course) for a minute or so.

Most days I don't know how I survive it. The thing about each day, is it is NON stop. He NEVER has even a 30 second break- you are running from activity to activity and there is always something to do next. It is exhausting!!

Currently, I can barely walk, barely sit down, and can hardly hold my arms up-- but I will forge on. . .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first battle wounds

Nothing too tragic. . . just some skinned up fingers (more on the other hand, however it is virtually impossible to take a picture of both of your own hands).

Here is my bootcamp update.

I am fully committed and LOVING it.

Ok- during the actual workouts, I sometimes want to cry. They are seriously insane.

But afterwards you just feel so awesome for surviving.

It's only been two days though.

I might reconsider in about a week. Or perhaps. . possibly tomorrow.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This morning I woke up and found a surprise on my porch. . .

It was my grocery shopping!!

Yes, this most definitely does sound like another groupon find.

Dad got it for me! I got to pick "farm fresh" healthy food to have delivered right on my porch.

I managed to find some of those not so healthy purchases they offer as well. :)

They deliver to my house Mondays at the weee hours of the morning. Wouldn't that be a fun treat to start my week off each week?

The food is kind of expensive though. . . so it probably won't happen.

Maybe every once in a while just for the fun of it.

Afterall. . . I am now an official winderfarm customer-- the "cool" ice bag proves it!

Thanks dad!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yes Sir!

Dad kept buying me all those bakery, and cupcakery, and pizza groupons. As a result I had to buy this one.


Monday thru Friday, every day, after work, for the next month. I'm pretty excited. A bit scared too. I hope to love it. But I won't really be able to afford it after this. So maybe I hope to hate it a little too.

Not only did I talk a friend into going with me, but she actually let me count it as her birthday present. No worries, I gave her a water bottle to go with it. By the sounds of it, she'll probably be needing it too.

We signed our life away on a waiver already that was filled with all kinds of rules. Then my favorite part. . .


By next month, I will be a whole new Shawna (or maybe half the Shawna that I already am). Ha ha

That way, I can continue to enjoy those prized gifts from my dad. :0)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fantastic February

I can't believe February is already over with. It seriously feels like it just began! Everything is going pretty well over here. Work is good. Play is good. Nothing much to complain about. Here are some of my exciting happenings. . .

Doogle got a Doogle door! It has seriously made my life a million times easier. I love getting home late into the night and not having to take him out, and coming home from work late and not having a mess all over my floors. Doogle is doing great. He has really become a lot better puppy just over these past few weeks. :)

Remember my awesome pink fridge I got for Christmas that has been chillin in my garage? It finally found it's new home!

I puppy sat two weekends in a row. Bleh! One night, all the dogs actually came home with me into my little biddy house. It was quite the adventure, and my house was a mess afterwards. As a bonus. . .they were able to squeeze through the doogle-door which made life easier for me. Unfortunately, they were able to squeeze through the doogle-door AND jump the doogle gate so rumor has it they had made themselves at home and were chillin on the couch when their owner came home to pick em up.

I had my happy 28th birthday. A few different groups of friends took me out on Wednesday and Thursday, and then a friend from college came into town with her husband and we all went out Friday. It was a fun, but busy week. I didn't pull out a camera for any of the dinners which is kind of sad. I got lots of fun presents from family and friends. And got flowers from two different friends. . . it will be sad when they die, it has made the house seem so much homier having fresh flowers around. :)

And I got this fine kitchen toy from my parents. Here it is. . . in use!

My friend Ammon invited me over to make cookies. . .and insisted I bring the camera so he can make it onto the blog. Obviously he doesn't really read the blog- because then he would know that he has already made his debut. We made some cookies but then I got bored with it and decided to split up the remaining dough to have a cookie making contest. I thought I had it in the bag until he whipped out his Frankenstein cookie. I will admit. . . I was quite impressed. I really hate to lose though. . .