Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little confused

On Wednesday, a little girl in my class randomly told me that Friday would be her last day of school. She wanted to make sure I brought her some ice cream on that day because I owe certain students ice cream if they learn their multiplication facts by the end of the year, which she has already done.

I assured her that I would bring her the ice cream . . . before finding out the details.

No, she is not moving like I would obviously assume, but rather, she told me, is going on a year long cruise.

Seriously, making sure you get some ice cream from your poor teacher before you go on a cruise with, most likely, never ending amounts of ice cream?? I asked her a few more details, then told her to have her parents contact the school because they need to know that she wont be back. Later that day the class went to art where she told the art teacher the same story, therefore she took home all her art supplies that she had there.

Well, I took the following day off of work, and returned to school once again on Friday. This is the note I found waiting for me. . .

I would have loved to hear the conversation that family was having to make a kid jump to the conclusion that they were going on a year long cruise. . .

I would also have loved, probably even a bit more, the conversation that took place when the poor kid told her parents that she had announced to everyone at school that she was going on this year long cruise.

Talk about a disappointing day in the life of a 3rd grader!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soggy Shawna

A few weeks ago, a girl from work invited me to do the Mad Mud Run with her. Basically a four mile run that had "boot camp like" obstacles spread out along the way, including a mud pit to crawl thru. Of course I was in! The run was beginning and ending at a park directly across the street from my work. On Friday I was pulling up to work and there was this huge dirt truck in front of me taking up like the whole road. Hello. . . get outta the way! So annoying. . . then it dawned on me that this truck must be holding the mud (dirt) for my mud run the next day! So then I wasn't so annoyed. :)

The event was much smaller than I anticipated. . . which was nice. They started us off in heats, five minutes apart. We began by running through a grass field where they armed the spectators with water guns and hoses, And someone even had a fire hose hooked to the hydrant! Then we had a couple mile run uphill. Our first "obstacle" was a couple of bales of hay we had to climb over. After that, a "hill run" which was basically a rocky little mountain. Then we hit the balance beams. The final obstacle was supposed to be a 6-foot wall to climb over, but that had to be removed because of the wind, so the back up obstacle was a "water wall." They basically had a water truck out there that hosed us down as we ran by. Then the finale. . . the mud pit of course! I don't know if it really should have been labeled a mud pit. . . water crawl might be more appropriate. Cuz that's what it was, some really dirty water.
I personally didn't have any fans, so pictures were not taken, but we did take a picture at the beginning, so we could take an "after" picture at the end.

Ha-- who knew they would look almost exactly the same way! I thought I would be covered in a little bit of mud!! Oh well-- it was a fun little event that got my bum out of bed this morning, so no complaining there!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Utah, Utah, and more Utah

I just returned from yet another trip to Utah. Hmmm. . . that makes it like four times in the past month and a half. Hopefully this was the last one for a loooong time. There were some good times, and there were some not so good times, and I have just a few photos to share.
My friend Brittney had a surprise baby shower that Molly and I were invited to. She was definitely surprised when we walked in! Especially since she had seen me no more than two weeks earlier where I had sworn I was NEVER coming to Utah again. It was nice to see her though and we are excited for her future baby girl.

My friend Randi got married this past weekend. So I drove up for that and hung out with my two pals Brienne and Rachel during the reception. It was fun to see and talk to the two of them.

As the reception ended, I realized I had been a bad friend and not taken a picture of Randi in her beautiful wedding dress. I did snag a picture of her after she had already changed, but she wasn't even looking at the camera, so I opted to get a picture of her this way instead.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hobo Shawna

So tonight I went to my friend Michael's house for a little bit after work, and ended up staying longer than I expected. We decided to hit cheap 9 o'clock bowling, but unfortunately I didn't have any socks with me. I meant to borrow some from him, but forgot, so I arrived at the bowling alley sockless. So as we are checking in our shoes, I asked the people if they sold socks. No, but you can buy socks in the machine behind them. So I scampered off to get me some socks while Michael finished paying. Socks in a vending machine, fancy that, and fancy that I had no cash on me. Michael had already paid so I couldn't do cash back, so I had to look for an ATM, which I hate because of the stupid fees. Anywho. . . I ask the lady where an ATM is and she said I had to go upstairs to the main casino and around the corner. I reminded the woman that she had already taken my shoe, but she kinda just looked at me dumbfoundedly. . . so I pulled the other one off and hit the escalator barefoot for the ATM. Of course, who do I run into at the top of the escalators? The security men. "Where are your shoes young lady??" "ummm. . . at the bowling alley. . . just need some cash!" They kinda just grumble something and walk off. So I finish my withdrawal and am heading back towards the escalators when I run into an important looking man in a badge. "So you are the one I hear about running around shoeless!" "yes, that would be me. . . but not for long!" "Well you better watch out, they are talking bad about you down there!" Hmmm. . . I was a little nervous heading back down, but there was not a security guard in sight. Phew! When I got back, Michael asked me if I had gotten into trouble. . . whoa. . . security men come tattle on me or what??

Moral of the story. . . remember your socks when you go bowling. Or else you may get stuck running barefoot around a casino to pay $3 ATM fee to buy $4 socks from a vending machine!

Now I best go wash my feet. . . Can't imagine the grotesque germs that could possibly be hidden away on the floors of a dirty Las Vegas casino. . . bleh!