Saturday, January 22, 2011



Just two random kids in my class with matching names and matching birthdays. Weird.

My new hair!

Molly and I both bought an Indiana groupon a few months back for a Brazilian Blowout. The new anti frizz (amazing) hair treatment. Molly wasn't allowed to get it done while being pregnant, so we saved them for the long MLK weekend so that we could both go and experience it together.
I decided to make it an extra long weekend, so I took the Friday off of work as well, and flew out to Indiana late Thursday night. I arrived sometime around 9 in the morning Indiana time on Friday, and then Saturday was the big day!

We took some "before" shots of our hair. We probably should have gone in without doing our hair whatsoever just for the effect, but that picture would definitely not be postable, so this was my hair that I had done that day. I dried it and straightened it . . which can be quite the process.

We didn't get any pictures right after, but it was seriously AMAZING. The girl put the treatment in, washed it out and blow dried it. No straightner whatsoever and my hair looked better than it ever did!

After that we went home to pick up Bryan and Brooklyn then hit little Cale, Cooper, and Colter's 3rd birthday party. And there, someone took our picture . . . with my new hair.

The party was pretty smashing. It was held at a little kids' type gym place but they had this huge foam pit that adults were allowed to go in too! Or at least, there were too many adults at the party there was no stopping them! Brooklyn was making her debut with a few people, so Mol, Bry, and I were all baby free for the entire thing and got to go have a bit of fun.

And you can't go to a birthday party for some adorable triplets without posting a picture of them as well.

The rest of the weekend was great. I sadly had to leave Monday afternoon. . . but like always, it was quite the nice getaway weekend.
Now, about a week later, I still love my hair. It basically looks like it used to look- but seriously has taken off SO much time that I have to spend doing it. I basically dry it and go!

And of course. . .

got some baby pictures as well!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!!

New year's is long gone, but we got some cute photos, so I thought I would do a quick recap.

On New Year's Eve morning, the family woke up and went hiking!

Then Bonnie and I packed up the kids and hit Legoland for the 3rd year in a row. We got there a little later than we had planned on, but after just a few short hours, I think we were ready to go. The kids bickered and fought, Cayd drove us all crazy, and there were a million people there. We decided that rather than waiting in some long ride lines, we ate some snacks, then staked out the perfect spot to watch fireworks instead. We sat down and played some cards, but after someone (me) kept winning, everyone else finally quit!

After 6 o'clock New Years at Legoland, we went to Chilis for some delicious food, and then headed to Bonnie's house for the rest of our very low key evening. I think Cayden is actually the only one who stayed awake til midnight. He did a good job of waking us all up though to welcome the new year.
Hope everyone has a happy 2011!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mail fun

I got a tree survey from the Arbor Day Foundation in the mail today. . .

Here are some of my favorite questions. . .

Yes or No

1. Have you ever built a tree house?
2. Have you ever climbed a tree?
3. Have you ever played on a tree swing?
4. Do you ever relax in the shade of a tree?
5. Do you think in general, residents of Nevada care more or less about trees than people in the rest of the country?
6. Which ONE of the following would you say is the single most important function of trees?

What do they do with results like this anyway? Weird.