Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Exciting Night

So on Thursday night at about 1:45 (ok- I guess it was officially friday morning) I was abruptly awaken from my sweet slumbers from the squealing sound of the smoke alarm going off.  I laid there a minute hoping it would stop, and then realized it probably be best that I get up.  So I stumbled out of my room at about the same time my other three roommates came out of their rooms as well.  We wandered around for a few minutes not really sure what to do. . . there was no smoke, there was no fire, so what in the world was going on??  Well- if you take a peak at the alarm a little closer, you will discover that not only is it a smoke alarm, but it is a carbon monoxide alarm as well- and that my friends, is what was causing this terrible noise.  By the button on the alarm to turn it off is written "open windows and call 911"  Well- I dont know about you, but it seemed a little drastic to call 911, it just didnt feel like a real "emergency" so rather, my brave roommate called our night time apartment manager.  He crankily gave her the number of the gas company who told us that they would come over "shortly."  In the hour it took the gas man to finally come over, we had opened our windows, clowned around on the balcony a bit, and took the prime opportunity for, you guessed it, Kodak moment!!  I was utterly shocked when my roommates actually agreed to it considering how we were looking right about then!  Lindsey- my silly, cranky with no sleep roommate, got fed up with waiting for the gas man and went back to bed, shutting her door she mumbled, "wake me if he tells us we are dying."  Well the gas man eventually showed, he wandered around with his loud obnoxious machine for a while, and eventually found most of the gas in our water heater room, and in Lindsey's room, who had gone back to bed, shut the door, and had NOT opened her window.  I didnt really understand what the whole problem was, something about the water heater, and the air conditioner.  "go to bed without the air on, without the water heater on, keep your windows open, and you will be fine.  Contact your manager tomorrow and get them over here to check this out" were our instructions from him.  Now, three days later, we are still without warm water.  They are checking out the apartment Monday to see if they can figure out what's wrong, and meanwhile, we get to pack up a backpack and walk across the parking lot to an extra apartment so we can shower.  I guess it beats cold showers!  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hmmm. . .

Today I had to go over to Hobble Creek School to return a book I had borrowed from an old teacher friend there.  Hobble Creek was my first teaching job and due to random circumstance, I couldn't stay there the following year.  I interviewed at Wilson School and honestly was not happy with how it went.  I felt the principal did not like me, and I frankly did not like the school itself.  I hoped and hoped and hoped that I would not get a job offer there and because I was not satisfied with the interview, I really didn't think it would happen.  But just my luck, I did get a call back and the job was mine.  It's funny looking back on that memory two years later because in all reality, I was much happier at Wilson School.  I got along with the faculty (for the most part) really well.  I loved my classes and  overall it was a really great experience.  But Hobble Creek was my first job, it was my first class, and being there today made me almost a little sad.  I guess it will always hold a little place in my heart.  And now I have officially said goodbye to Wilson School as well.  Its scary.  I am moving to a new city, that I have never lived in.  I am taking nobody with me.  And I will not know anyone there.  I guess I got off easy in my life because I always had a sister that was right there with me in everything we did.  I didn't have to go away to college by myself, and I didn't have to make new friends by myself, and I didn't have to live with a bunch of new people that I didn't know, all by myself.  She was always there.  By the time she got married and moved away, I had an established set of friends in Utah so I wasn't really by myself.  So I guess I am just doing the "by myself" thing, just a little later than expected.  Don't get me wrong, I am way excited, but I am always the type of person that wonders what might have been.  How my life would have been different if I had done a few things differently in the past.  If I had made the other choices. . .  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yum Yum Yum

So I am in my second to last class this week, then next week I have three days of another class, then I  am done!  Finished!  Education complete!  It is a fantastic feeling I must admit.  A little more fantastic than how I actually feel leaving class every day.  Why?  You ask me.  Well- my program is through SUU who have so kindly set up these week long classes each summer.  But not only do they send up our professor to stay in a hotel for the week, but with them comes a humongous box of crap food for us to munch on the entire week.  When I say humongous though, I really am not kidding!  There are goldfish and wheat thins, bags of chips, pretzels, and peanuts.  We have twizzlers, jolly ranchers, peanut butter cups and m&ms.  You name it, and it most likely is sitting on our "desk o crap."  Usually by the end of the week, the good snacks have dwindled down and we remain with the not so tempting treats.  People from the class have even started adding things like leftover cake and doughnuts from home.   Then, come the next week, our new box of snacks from our new teacher have been added to the leftovers of the week before.  We now officially have four boxes of sickening fake cheese crackers of some sort that have remained and been broughten up each week, though the last boxes have not been touched.  I mean, maybe it will save money to inventory our remaining snacks before bringing up the new ones because you can definitely see our likes and our dislikes.  Anywho- this week was an extra wide assortment of candy, namely chocolate.  At ten oclock in the morning, our first official "break time," I am at the table filling my reused bowl to the brim with a bunch of junk food.  By the time lunch rolls around two hours later, I seriously am so not hungry and dont even need to eat.  Yet after lunch, I continue to join my fellow classmates at the temptation table to snack some more.  Holy smokes if I dont leave these classes ten pounds heavier than I started it would definitely be a shocker!  Not that I am complaining or anything- I mean, anyone that knows Shawna knows that she loves snacks!  I have been tempted to go snap a picture of our snack table, but have decided that I would be somewhat embarrased by that action.  I will just have to let you use your imagination on what it looks like.  But then I come home each night feeling a bit on the sick side.  Haha. . . tis life I guess!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Silly Family

So remember when I complained about two posts down about the picture I have been waiting years for my family to email to me??  Well, the next day my sweet sweet sister Molly emailed it to me!  All you have to do is complain online about something and people immediately respond to it.  So here it is!

So my internet was shut off for this whole past weekend.  It was a harsh reality to face but I made it.  Sometime last month the same thing happened, internet gone.  Last time however, it was not working for like two weeks!  We complained to our apt office a few times and they assured us that we would be reimbursed for the lack of internet.  So I forgot about that little promise and paid my rent as usual this month, only remembering about that little promise after our internet went out again.  So my roomie Becky went down there to ask them about that and do you know what they told her?!  "We are still working on your refunds for when the internet was out for those two weeks, but it will only be like $2."  Two dollars!  Are you kidding me?  "Well, your internet is only $6 of the communication fee each month, it wasn't out all month, so it really is only like $2."  Ok. . . so I know that in reality we did only miss out on "$2" of our internet fee for the month, but seriously- shouldnt they think of our inconvenience as well?  I mean. . . we are in school, internet is one of those things that students, and even anyone else kind of depend on a lot these days.  This apartment complex would never make it as a real business for sheer lack of customer service.  Anywhoo- my internet came on after about three days, so I should be getting a reimbursement check from the Crestwood Apartments for about $2.10- yahoo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yes everyone. . . this is it- my final project.  Printed, hole punched, in it's cute pink binder, and TURNED IN!  Yahoo!  Ok- some might consider me somewhat of a geek for taking a picture of this precious moment, but I couldn't resist!  I am a little embarrassed for putting this heinous picture online, but I figure that sometimes my friends see me heinous looking in real life so why not on the computer too. . . its like the same people anyway!  
So my life got a little "unhectic" for about three days but now the "hecticness" has re entered my life.  DRATS!  I am in quite the strenuous class for the week- but the nice thing about the sentence is that its "for the week."  I love this program because each class is only one week long, it may be a freightening week, but it is only a week.  Weekends are beautiful, and then come Monday it is a new surprise of what the  next week will hold.  Life is just full of grand surprises!  
So- I get out of school on July 2, and then I am driving down to play in California for the whole month!  My little niece and nephew Aubrey and Cayden will be on summer vacation with nobody to hang with, and here I am, a perfectly good aunt, in the same position- so we have decided to hang together for the whole month!  I am sure it will be smashing.  Maybe we will even hit Disneyland!  Ok- now that everyone is updated. . . I guess I will get back to the homework.  :(

Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

So this is me and my class on our last day of school.  Ok. . . maybe it was the day before.  I am not sure if I am legally supposed to post pics of little kids on the internet that aren't mine. . . but I will anyway.  Shhh. . . . don't tell!  If it's illegal or something someone let me know!  So we had our last day of school- my third year teaching.  Boy- time really goes fast!  The ice cream went perfectly (see post below) except for the  tiny fact that Miss Madison didnt even show up!  Waste of soy milk for nothing!  oh well- good to be prepared anyway!  Me and mom then got MOST of my stuff into both our cars and down to California.  We definitely had a fun time bonding the one day she was here.  It was nice to have her.  
Home was way fun but busy too!  On Friday night we celebrated Mother's Day because Me and Mol and Bryan all came into town that weekend.  We had a big bbq in the back yard. . . it was lots of fun- scott and his kids were there, Bon and hers. . . "hot dog or hamburger Shawna?"  "One of each Dad!!"  (I just LOVE going home!)  Then on Saturday we played in the backyard quite a bit with the fam's new pitching machine.  It's for the kids to practice their batting skills but we all had to have a turn at it.  The kids got quite cranky with us for that!  Wha ha ha!  A few of us actually hit the ball over our house into the front yard (yes- I was one of them)!  So between each person's turn we had to take the time to go FIND all the balls we had hit!  We took the opportunity to pose for a picture on the ladder while looking for hidden balls in the hedges.
 Later that day we went to the bowling alley to celebrate Aub's ninth birthday!  She is getting so old- holy smokes!  She had all her kiddie friends there but we still got an adult lane which I lost every time (just didnt find my groove for the day)  I am soooo not good about taking pictures but I actually took my camera home this trip to get some fun pictures but all the bowling alley ones just didnt turn out very cute.  Of course family members PROMISE me to send me ones they take but heck- I am still waiting on a family picture we took LAST summer!  Someone is definitely behind in their emailing!  So overall it was a most excellent trip home- but then I had to hit the road Sunday and come back to start school on Monday.  :(  Bleh- whoever talked me into going back to school is BUSTED! Oh well- I have made it through one week- only four to go- wahoo!  My big gynormous project that I have supposidly been working on ALL year is due Monday!  No worries- it is so almost done that I can SMELL the final copy in my hands!