Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh how the times have changed. . .

I remember being in elementary school and dreading those horrid Earthquake drills. Climbing under your desk in the duck and cover position was just awkward. As a teacher for almost six years, I have yet to experience an earthquake drill with my students. . . guess there are too many other things to worry about these days.

Not only do we have a drill in place for if there were to be a toxic spill outside. . . but we also have two different lock down drills depending on if there is a "danger" inside or outside of the building. We have to learn how to hide children in corners and behind tables, we have tape and paper prepared ready to cover windows and doors and we learn code words that we must be able to immediately respond to.

Today we had a staff development day where we got to learn yet another new drill. This one involves students being outside when a danger becomes present and needing to be moved into the building quickly. It involves laying flat on their bellies, head smooshed into the ground. . . and actually army crawling (that's what it's called right?) across the playground until they are told to get up and run (all in complete silence of course). I'll admit. . . I laughed as I watched the training video. If watching one little boy perform this drill was that entertaining, I can't imagine watching a class full of children learning it.

I know it's not a funny topic. . . it's scary that this is the kind of situation we have to be concerned about. And it's sad that we have to warn little kids of these kinds of dangers. Who would actually want to come on campus and hurt these little innocent kids? What is this world coming to?

Some time in the next few weeks, some emergency head honchos are coming to "test" our school on this new safety procedure. If we happen to be the "lucky" ones outside when these people show up, we (including the adults mind you- we have to be protected as well) get to be the test group. The test group that are lying down, flat on the ground, and army crawling across the playground. . .

To think that the day has come that I long for a simple duck and cover earthquake drill. . .

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fortunately Unfortunately

Grading papers tonight. . . bleh. . . so. far. behind.

Came across this story a boy wrote. Made me laugh. So I will share. The pictures are funny as well. . . you'll just have to use your imagination for those.

Fortunately Unfortunately

I want to go to Washington DC.

Unfortunately I was in Nevada.

Fortunately somebody gave me an awesome jet. It had 100 speed jet engine and rocket missiles.

Unfortunately when I was driving the engine stopped.

Fortunately I had a parachute.

Unfortunately I noticed there was a hole in mine.

Fortunately I noticed a bed.

Unfortunately somebody was in there.

Fortunately I saw a haystack.

Unfortunately there was a pitchfork in there. Great will I hit it? Nope, I hit my head on a brick wall. BONK! Owww that hurt. Now where am I?

Fortunately I have a GPS.

Unfortuantely the batteries dead.

So I walked to a sign that said Washington DC 3 miles ahead.

Yippee! I have made it!

So many questions. Seriously. . . why would there be a bed chilling in the middle of the open land with someone sleeping in it? "A" for creativity. . .

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was kind of dreading the whole Valentine's Day on a Monday thing. Seemed like a very chaotic way to begin a school week. But for the bright side, I did have the weekend to kind of get things ready. I went to a dinner party on Sunday, so I baked enough cookies for that, and for my little class. I also made the kids simple yet cute little Valentines.

We had a Valentine's Box contest this year. They were to bring a decorated "Mailbox" with them today and we voted on our two favorites. We got a variety of cute boxes this morning they were obviously so proud of.

Then part way through the day, a mom walked in with her "son's" box. I think the whole class sat in stunned silence for a second when she came carrying it in. So when they went to PE a bit later, I self timed a picture of me with the box, so that you have an idea of it's actual size. . .

Yup. . . you actually fed the dog your Valentines. Unfortunately, there was no way of getting anything out of him when the wrong Valentine accidentally got swallowed. . . oh well. . . I guess he doesn't get to retrieve any of his Valentines for 2-4 hours later?? Ha Ha

I have such a sweet little class this year. We all walked around and passed out Valentines at the same time, so most of them weren't at their "Mailboxes" when I went around. But as they spent the rest of our party time opening all their goodies, there were "thank yous" being said right and left.
All in all it ended up being a really good day. The kids were great, they had fun and were the most well behaved class I have ever had for any sort of holiday party. We ate cookies and passed out Valentines. . . that's it! But one boy still announced that "This is the best Valentine party I have EVER had!"

Among all the crazy Valentines treats from my class this year, I found this cute little letter.

After seeing countless facebook posts and text messages about "singles awareness day," it's refreshing spending this day with a bunch of nine years olds. They are the ones who really seem to catch on to what Valentine's day is really about.

Happy Valentine's Day!!