Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Back!

Whoa. . . I know, I know, it's been a while! I probably don't even have to give my usual explanation, but yeah- still no internet! I have gone almost a month without it and frankly, it has not gotten easier. I have my sister checking email for me, and have used other people's while chillin at their homes, but basically I have just gone without. If you wouldn't mind crossing your fingers for me. . . I am hoping that when I get back home this Sunday, the internet issue will be cleared up. We will see!
So now it is time to udate everyone on my life because I KNOW you have missed hearing all about it! Ok- in all honesty, it's going to be a short update because things have currently not been super exciting in the life of Shawna. Basically I work by day and play by night. That's all the info we really need for now. . . :)

I came home to California on Wednesday after school. I have always had the day off of work or school the day before Thanksgiving so it was different having to be at work that day. I had a whoppin 9 kids in class. . . basically made for a pointless day to get anything of value done. Oh well. . the kids that were there seemed to enjoy the randomness the day brought. We did a lot of art and had a lot of "do whatever we want" time. It was also a super rainy day so the kids were basically bouncing off the walls. Haha. . . it has been getting dark so early as it is but when I actually let them out at 3:10 in the afternoon several of them accused me of letting them out later than normal because it was extremely dark for the afternoon. Like I was going to hold them in longer than normal on a day like that!
Anywhoo- I left for California pretty much immediately. I have driven that drive so much these days that it is actually starting to ware on me a bit. It was rainy and dark and wet from the beginning of the trip and the roads were insanely busy for the holiday so it was defintely a slower trip. . . but I made it!

We had ThÄnksgiving at home home with just the little family.

Afterwards, we did our "whipped cream" picture. There are only few of us left remaining strong in this tradition but we will keep it alive. Molly and Bryan couldn't make it here this year so that was sad but it was still a good day.

Bonnie has kept me up on the running thing. I actually just realized today that our half marathon is exactly one week from tomorrow! For some reason I had it in my mind that it was TWO weeks away, but I was definitely off the mark there. Oh well. . . the last few days I have felt great when running, still have to do five miles today. . . bleh. . .but no worries. . . I think I will make it!

We planned on doing our black friday shopping adventures starting at 2 am, but due to circumstances, we actually didnt get out the door til after 8:30am! We took a picture with no lights on in hopes of making it look like we left really early. . . either way it's the one day of the year that you can really go shopping without actually cutifying ourselves for going out. Even if we didn't get up at 2 am, there is no reason that others shouldnt believe that we did!

Bon, Aubs, and I went together and were out for a good portion of the day with no crankiness arising whatsoever (Me and Aubs are not the biggest shoppers)! So all in all it was a good day. We spent WAY too much money only to discover that no Christmas presents were even bought. . .me and Bon just had a shopping day for ourselves. We tried on and bought lots of the same clothes, haha it's a good thing we live in different cities!

Dad and I did our traditional breakfast together on Saturday morning and then spent much of the day putting up Christmas lights. Tis the season. . . holy smokes I cannot believe it is already that time of year! Time is just flying by so stinkin fast!
Then I spent the evening with the kids while everyone else went out. We did a LOT of wii playing. . . and just hung out!

Anywhoo. . . that is my Thanksgiving in a nutshell!! Hopefully I wont have to do anymore of these long drawn out posts anymore and will be able to keep up. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving too! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Internet. . . No Blogging

So I have made the official move into my new house. When I got there, some of the electricity was not working, we had no internet, no cable, no gas (meaning no hot water), and a few other issues here and there. I was busy at work, and I used more of my time for "playtime" rather than working or moving. Honestly I don't take stress very well. therefore it was an extremely cranky time in my life. I hung up on probably everyone in my family at one time or another over the course of two days. But we are definitely not going to dwell on those times, so we are just moving on. . .

Last Sunday, yeah, we did this on Sunday, a few friends of mine got together to do a little TP-ing. I havent done this in years but frankly it made me very happy. It was very very windy that night, we had lots and lots of toilet paper for just one house, so basically they definitely got it. Luckily I had my camera in my purse at the time so I was able to catch a quick photo before we rang the doorbell and scampered out of there! Yay!

This weekend I got to come home to California once again! Because life in my new house is definitely not up to par yet, a few random days off of work definitely made good timing. So I drove home Friday night and hung out with Bonnie and the kids that night. On Saturday, I did some shopping, spent more money than I should have (don't tell Molly!) and conked out pretty early at the end of the day. Me and Mom had stayed up late chatting the night before and Bon woke me up early to go running (6 miles again) so by the end of Saturday I was basically exhausted. I have been pulling some late nights lately and I think they finally caught up to me.
Sunday (today) was the kids primary program. I got to Bonnie's house a little early to get Aubrey's hair cutified, and we snapped a few pictures while we were there. The first picture is funny because Bonnie claims to hate her puppy Little Wolf, but she does the silliest things for that pup. Like before locking him in the kitchen before we left, she dragged his favorite chair in their so he wouldnt be too sad. Isnt she so sweet to the little thing?

The kids did SO well in the program today! Aubrey is quite the little speaker. She talked slowly and clearly and just did a great job. She had kind of a solo, speaking part of a song, but I didnt have my camera ready because I didnt know when it was at and by the time I got it on, it just didnt turn out to be the best video. She was so adorable though and soon I will get a video of her on this here blog as well.
Cayden had a solo singing part. I know Molly posted a video of him a few days ago but I just couldnt pass up posting my video of him as well. He was so cute and he did a fabulous job. I know we are not technically supposed to probably film this, but how can you pass up filming a kid's first solo??

I have been bowling kind of frequently lately. The first few times I have been dominating EVERYONE, but just this past week I was finally beaten by a friend three games in a row! He said it was about time I learn some humility because I had been awfully boastful. So today I came home and did a little wii bowling to try to improve my skills for the next big competition I face. What do ya know. . . I got like a record score of 224! Holy smokes! Definitely had to get that score on film just in case you didnt believe me!

Anywhoo. . . that is about half of my California trip so far. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off of work for Veterans Day so I am leaving sometime on Tuesday. Lots of work to do here first though-- eek! Because I dont know when I will get internet (hopefully soon) I am not sure when my next post will be. . . so till then. . .

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I figured I needed to get this post up pretty quickly because I have already changed my layout to Thanksgiving! Too many holidays in a row to slow down in the blog world!
Yesterday was a super fun but super busy(good) day. First of all, I had the day off. . . Happy Nevada Day! So I woke up early because my body just refuses to sleep in these days. :( I finished my next week's lesson plans and moved a load of stuff to my new house! Then I met up with Randi who is in town with her family. We first went and got pedicures. I am super ticklish in the foot area so pedicures are sometimes quite uncomfortable for me, but I do it knowing the end results in mind. . . super soft pretty feet! Here are mine and Randi's feet!! (Mine are the purple- cute!)

Then I took Randi to show her my new house, and now that she has seen it, you all can too! More pictures will be posted when I am "officially" moved in!

We then headed to a mall to wander around and eat dinner at. We were meeting back up with her family a bit later so we wandered for a while then sat down and took a few minutes. I chatted to Randi practically non stop. . . I was trying to see if I could annoy her but she said that she has missed my voice so long that I just possibly couldnt annoy her. How sweet! But then by the end of the night I got her stopping in random stores because I was bugging her. . . haha mission accomplished!! Just kidding. . .we had lots of fun though and the food was super yummy and her family was lots of fun so it was some good times. :)

After dinner, I dragged Randi from her family to go to a corn maze with a bunch of friends. This is a picture of just a small part of us that went. Scary group huh?

The corn maze was fun. It was supposed to be haunted, but I think by the time Halloween actually rolls around, the haunting people are ready for it to be over because several times we found them just chilling in groups on the floor chatting with each other rather than scaring! We had to practically hunt the scarey people out! We did eventually find the chainsaw guy! They are always the scariest of the group! After he chased me down for a while, he finally gave up on me. Then I kindly asked for a picture with him. He agreed!! After some prodding, he even agreed to hold up his chainsaw for the picture! The poor fellow, he is probably just a little misunderstood. . . I dont think he would have hurt a fly!

Here are a few more random pictures from the evening. Yep- the clown was with us. . . :-p

I hope that everyone had a very "spook-tacular" Halloween!!