Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rated i for intense!

The hotel Circus Circus has a big pink dome enclosed adventure park that they spook up at Halloween time. Last week, my friend Jeremy took me for my first experience of Frightdome!

It doesn't open til after it's dark. They fog it up, and put lots of strobe lighting in it. Then there are tons and tons of scary people and clowns wandering around to spook you. They have 5 different "haunted houses" you can go through, plus all the rides are open as well.

Sadly, its not super easy getting good pictures in this atmosphere so I didn't really take many.

The first chance I got was when we went into the 4D show
right after the wet wet water ride- perfect!

The whole Frightdome is not recommended for anyone under 12, but the 4D movie seriously probably wouldn't scare a 4 year old. Lame. That definitely has to go.

We did get on a few rides early in the night, then went through 4 of the haunted houses before hitting the coaster one last time. On the way out, we passed a Frightdome hearse perfect for a photo opp.

The kind old man that offered to take our picture kept insisting on zooming. It was the end of a long, crazy night though, so sadly, zooming is probably what neither of us needed at that point.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another year. . .

Soup in Pumpkin bread bowls and building a haunted house, two of my favorite Halloween traditions.
(Even after pulling out the hot glue gun, we never did get that darn house to stay up)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On your marks. . .

I went to California this weekend. I got there Friday night, and stayed with Bonnie and her kids the whole night helping her on a little project she was doing. The next day was busy. We made dinners in the morning, went to Cayd's soccer game after that, and then on to a late lunch. Somewhere between 4:30 and 5 Saturday evening, I remembered that I was supposed to ask dad to help me out on my own little project I needed to do. . . whoops!
So I found pops, and told him I needed a little stand made to hang donuts from, for a donut eating booth at a Halloween carnival I had coming up. In seriously like 10 minutes, dad had the whole thing whipped up! We had to go to the Depot for one little 57 cent part, but everything else he just had, even black paint to make it a little more decorative!
Of course that night, just a few hours later, us Kelly's were having our own donut eating contest... (we had to test it out!)
My dad is the BEST!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I was wrong

With getting ready to leave town for one little night, I had so much to do that I misplaced my camera. which has since been recovered! So I used my phone to get one picture of my St. George trip number 2. Look familiar?
I drove up to St. George immediately from work on Monday. There, I met up with my friend Kellie and her friend Jen to see the play The Little Mermaid. I was much more impressed with this show than the last. They did a really good job with it. We stayed the night at Kellie's Grandparent's house and the next morning went to breakfast, did a little hiking, got some ice cream, then I was headed out. It was a fun little visit and it was nice to see Kellie again. Maybe one day I'll talk her into coming down to visit me some weekend. . . 3 years here and I've yet to have any luck. . . soon though I'm sure :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dinner is served

I am not one to just cook food on my own for myself. Seems like a lot of hassle for one person. And to make a whole pan of something or other to eat for a whole week didn't seem like the way to go either. So honestly I started eating out A LOT. If I did happen to be at home for a night and didn't want to go out (or was feeling broke- which is quite frequently), I'd eat a bowl of cereal or some kind of frozen pizza pocket from the freezer. Dinner time in my house was rarely what we would call quality.
So over the summer, Bonnie was introduced to Dream Dinners. When I found out what she was doing, I decided to join in on the fun.
It's a place that has the ingredients out and ready and often pre-measured for several different kinds of dinners that you prepare in either 3 or 6 serving quantities. You measure and bag the ingredients yourself to basically make some quality frozen meals.
So I got myself a cute lil' ice chest, learned how to use dry ice, and head down to California once a month to make dinners for the following month. Everything I make comes in servings of 3, so I usually cook dinner one night, then store the other two servings in their own individual containers that are quick and easy to grab for lunch each day.
I still manage to find myself out to dinner a couple times a week, so it works out perfectly to have a few extra lunches ready in the fridge when needed.
Not to mention, Bonnie and I now have scheduled monthly bonding time. :)
These are some pictures of just a few of the many delicious meals I have made since! YUM!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One runner, one fallen

Because September 11 was the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, the city of Las Vegas put on a remembrance run in honor of the 3063 victims taken that day. One runner, one fallen assigned each runner the name of a victim to run in honor of.
Wilson F. Flagg was on American flight 77 with his wife when it was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. He left two sons, and four grandchildren.
I definitely wasn't the fastest runner on the 9.11 K course, and might not have been in the most "runnery" of moods that day, but it was a neat experience to be a part of this event and to be thinking of someone other than myself as I made my way through the course.
We met downtown on Fremont Street and ran through the side roads in that area. Anyone that knows anything about Vegas knows that this is not known to be the best of areas. I went by myself, but at 4 am the only crazies in the area, were the crazies that were running... so I wasn't too nervous. After the run was over however, was a different story! I found myself on a downtown street by myself, not knowing which direction I was even going. As I passed a group of policemen arresting some old homeless looking drunk man, a big woman came running down the street hollering at the police to stop wasting their time arresting some innocent old man and to go find the person that were just violating her!

Yup. . . the regular crazies had come out!

Geesh, I hope I find my car soon. . . I mumbled to the only normal looking person nearby.

Me too! She answered.

I got out of there ok. . . I hope she did too!