Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Kolorful Kellys

A few months ago I was looking up different runs in the Las Vegas area to try to inspire me back into the whole running thing. . . and look what I found!!

Bonnie and the kids already had intentions to make it up to Vegas early sometime this year so of course we planned it around this event!  Because what Kelly would pass up the chance to run a 5k through the colorful chalky roads of Vegas?? (besides Molly :)

How it all worked out, they actually arrived on the Friday evening of my birthday(The big 2-9!).  We had a yummy dinner at the Rio (None other than CAFE RIO), took an exciting trip to Walmart for our plain white tshirts (my first event with a dress code!), then got a good nights sleep!

The next day was pretty exciting.  We were at the start line (with thousands of other people) at 9 am for the kick off. . . but because of the technicalities of the race, they let us off in waves and by 9:30 we were still on the start line!  We did have an excellent photographer though (more about my favorite photographer in later posts I suppose) who kept in contact via text messaging and was able to make it to most of the "K's" where the volunteers "colored us up" by throwing handfuls of chalk at our bodies (and faces at times).  
By the end-- we were a mess of course (which was pretty much the point).  With registration, they gave each runner a good sized pack of colored chalk of our own that we were able to throw in the air at the celebration area just past the finish line.  Needless to say, Cayden was thrilled by this crazy finale and we lost him in the cloud of color several times before we finally dragged him home for a much needed shower.
The car and house actually stayed much cleaner than I anticipated coming home from an event such as this, though now. . . several weeks later, I am STILL digging pink out of my ear during my nightly cleanings.  :)

The rest of the weekend was a bit more mellow.  We did some shopping, some bowling, some eating, and ended the night playing a few games (shawna and the kids-- bon was on the phone through most of this however-- to guess who??).  There is no one else I would have wanted to do this run with.  It was a great time. . . and I am already looking forward to next year!
Las Vegas Color Run 2013!

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Bryan and Molly said...

love this! looks like too much fun to miss out on 2 years in a row! count me in next year!

Jim and Lee said...

I love the fun things you guys find to due. Keep having fun!

Jones Wafula said...

Wow! That was Fun!!

Terry and Gail said...

Do you think chalk could cause black lung??? What a crazy event. I guess once a year is okay to get that messy. So funny the way they dream up to market some running events. Cute post... I have been missing keeping up with a bit of your life... I think you might be leaving some stuff out. Love, Aunt Gail