Saturday, December 31, 2011

what goes up must (not) come down

Remember how Molly and I were so excited for Dad to bring the bucket truck home so we could take the Christmas lights down?
Molly wanted me to go first. . . because we already knew I was a natural right??
So I climb in and expertly steer myself up to the upper left corner of the house and as I am reaching to take down the first of the lights, I bump. . . something?
Power goes off. . . and dad can't get it back on!
The pictures tell most of the story. . .

I sit around waiting in the bucket a while-
After Dad gets tired of one too many fireman jokes- he pulls out the ladder
Down comes Shawna!
Without even one ride in the bucket, Molly now gets stuck taking down some of the lights the old fashioned way- dad's make shift pole and hook (boo!)
Dad climbs into the bucket-
Dad climbs out of the bucket-
Dad fixes bucket!
And up Shawna goes again!

I held no hard feelings towards ole bucket. . . he did his job. . . eventually!
Molly however lost all trust. . . and never dared climbed on inside-
Maybe next year Molly!

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Terry and Gail said...

I don't think I could climb up in the bucket at all... you are brave. It would be an easier way to get lights down and up. I only decorate what I can reach on a 6ft ladder. Love, Aunt Gail